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    wholesale 14k gold jewelry distributors

Distribution of 14kt gold jewelry has been our core business since 1989. Our goal has always been to offer a complete range of 14kt Made In Italy jewelry, neat and workmanlike.

The selection of jewelry is the result of an accurate search through the best Italian manufacturers. The jewelry available “always available” is constantly renovated according to the latest trends.

Our choice has been to put the quality in first place in respect of Italian goldsmith’s tradition.

How does it work?

The platform is to be navigated as a common, user-friendly e-commerce website.

Once you receive your credentials to log in, you can skim through the catalogue. Each item carries an average weight, a standard price and possibly some variations regarding the size.

You can filter them according to categories (rings, necklaces, chains, bracelets, man’s jewelry, baby…), color, weight, price and subject. You can then select the items you are interested in and create your cart, which can be modified at any time.

Once the final cart is ready, you will be shown a final recap of the total labor price (Eur), total weight in 14k (gr) and total fine gold (gr). At this point, you can further modify your selection, save it for later or submit your order request, which will be emailed to us.

The email represents no order confirmation whatsoever nor is it binding in any way, as it will be followed within a reasonable timeframe by a follow-up email by our staff. Every detail concerning discounts, payment and shipment will be settled via email.

To sum up:

  1. 1. Register to the platform with your company details
  2. 2. Wait for our account confirmation and receive your own log-in credentials
  3. 3. Log-in and navigate our portfolio of products
  4. 4. Make your selection and create your cart
  5. 5. Submit your order request and wait for our feedback

For any assistance, please contact info@fairline.it or reach us at 0039 0444 340221.

Our additional services:

  • Skype videocalls for communication and supply
  • search and supply of customized items
  • repairs.