Dear friends…

Our Meaningful Jewel is ready!

The project had started in Spring 2020, during the lockdown period, with the aim of keeping in touch with our partners and try to build a remote team, working all together for creating a new meaningful jewel.

We thought that this new jewel should speak about life, new values and changes due to Covid19.

What will we remember about this project? Did it help to strengthen our values? Did we understand what is really important as humans, as partners, as professionals? Did we feel the power of the connection between each other in our personal and business lives?


That’s the reason why we truly believed in this project and we are happy and proud to finally show you the result.

The deadline was set for September 2020, in order to present the new jewel at the international fair in Vicenza. VOICE September 2020 will be the right occasion for us to present the result of our project.

VOICE stands for Vicenza Oro International Community Event. We like the concept of Community very much as it perfectly reflects the concept we have of the relationship between our business partners and us. We are a team, cooperating together.

This is what our project would like to represent.

This is the meaning of our “meaningful jewel”, what it stands for.

Explaining the Meaningful Jewel

The shape is spherical, resembling perfection and completeness. Our beautiful aquamarine milk stone  is the heart of our pendant and represent the oceans’ surface around the globe. Water means purity, movement, dynamism.

Our pendant is double-faced. One side represents our world, the globe: huge and full of dots. All dots can be far away from each other, but are always connected.

The other side represents us, all of us as mankind, and the strong connection that unites us. We are linked with each other, together with our business partners we are as a big global family, speaking different languages, looking at different skies but sharing the same hope and determination for the future.

This is our meaningful jewel, this is us.

We used every possible means to make it a light set, so as to ensure a comfortable wearing experience.

Vicenza VOICE exhibition 2020

This new jewel will be exhibited for the first time in September 2020, during the international Vicenza gold exhibition VOICE. You are welcome to visit us at hall 7 booth 730, and take a look at our “Meaningful Jewel”!