Let’s…together! Designing and Creating a Meaningful Object during COVID-19


From the beginning of 2020 the entire world has had to deal with some unconventional event. This event is forcing the global community not only to stop and rethink our personal and business values, but also to regain a new balance. Covid-19 represents a global threat, not only to human health, but also to our human, social, and business relationships. All world Citizens face the same emergency no matter where they are located on the Earth’s surface.

How will Man react to this new challenge? For some of us, maybe for all of us, the first instinct might be to take a passive stand, and just observe at how bad we have been hit. Then we realize we have to take an active stand and face the threat all together, as a big global community.

All humanity is called to do their part, each end everyone according to their best skills and resources: Doctors, Politicians, Businessmen…and also the world of Art and Beauty.


During these emergency times we, Fair Line team, have concentrated on the strength and opportunity these unconventional times brought to our personal and business lives. This moment has made us perceive the human bond between our partners and us. We are feeling extremely close and part of the same working team, based on the two concepts of cooperation and communication, our core values.

In order to keep in touch with our partners during the Covid-19 stand-by period, and possibly strengthen our co-operation even in a creative way, we would like to try to build a remote team working with our partners.

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We wish to design and manufacture an object that could speak about life, new values and changes due to Covid19, and we wish to do it together with our partners.

Our aim is to think of a unique jewelry creation, also related to Fair Line community; a community built throughout more than 30 years of activity by Fair People, Fair Thoughts, and Fair Actions. We realized that the power of the connection between our partners and us deserves to be enhanced and symbolically implemented.


The hurry and bustle of the everyday work routine nearly disappeared, and perhaps we have a little time to be creative and concentrate on an unconventional project. As we will go back to our business commitments as soon as possible, this activity needs to be planned carefully. We plan the deadline to be September 2020.


Sharing ideas, thoughts and images. Once the “meaningful object project” has been sketched, Fair Line will select and choose the most suitable and reliable manufacturer who will help to design the piece properly thanks to their professional skills and experience.

What communication tools should we use?

We use a multi-channel communication: email, Whatsapp, Facebook. The most important thing is to find multiple ways to share information.

We will keep our friends and followers posted in real time as the project unfolds. Don’t miss our next blog posts!